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IMS 5012LP Versi-Dredge

For larger projects, we have an IMS 5012 LP versi dredge, self propelled dredge.


This unit has a maximum slurry output of 792 m^3/hr and an operating depth of 6.1m. The actual output on any project will depend on the material type, distance pumped and total head.


It operates without the need for cables and anchors. The hydraulically actuated Starwheel Drive system allows the dredge to be completely self-propelled and the starwheels are capable of independent operation.


It is ideal for dredging in canals, lakes, and marinas where manoeuvrability in confined areas is an issue. In marinas especially, there is no requirement to move vessels to allow the installation of anchors and cables.

The unit is fitted with a computer aided system called dredgepack, which provides real time evidence of dredging operations in accordance with the designed intent of the final works. This record can be stored and will form part of a ‘Silent Inspector’ process.


The standard cutter consists of replaceable hardened cutter teeth.


The 5012 LP can be converted into a weed harvesting machine by simply switching the standard dredging cutterhead with the Weedmaster Cutterhead. The weedmaster cuts the floating or emergent vegetation into short sections which are then pumped to shore, reducing the requirement for additional floating plant. Using this methodology, the need for mobile equipment close to the shore is significantly reduced and the disposal point can be located for the least environmental impact. In this configuration, the open impellor is used to prevent clogging.


For floating vegetation, a rake is fitted to the weedcutter to draw in the vegetation mass.

The IMS 5012 LP dredge can be transported on a standard semi trailer without dismantling, taken to site, hooked up to pipelines and can commence pumping immediately.

IMS 5012 LP Specifications:

Pump Type: IMS 9.75''x12'' LP, Hardened Steel, Rubber Lined

​Pump Position: Ladder Mounted

Total Power:​ 325HP

Propulsion:​ Self Propelled

Slurry Pump Capacity:​ 792m^3/hr (max)

Dredging Depth: 6.1m standard; 9.5m extended operation

Transport Weight: 12.5t

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