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  • Seawall construction; using both reinforced concrete or geobag groynes

  • Revetment & retaining wall construction 

  • Boat ramps, floating pontoons and footbridge construction

  • Marine piling via barge

  • Sheet piling & dewatering 

  • Anti-scour protection

  • Fish ladder construction

  • Design and construct experience and capability

Completed Projects:  



Vinyl Sheet Piles

Benefit of vinyl sheet piles

  • Wide range of uses (scour protection, retaining walls)

  • Installed using smaller machinery

  • Longevity of sheet piles (Plastic)

  • Light and easily manuvered 



Manta Ray Ground Anchor System

Benefit of Ground Anchors

  • Wide range of uses (Securing retaining walls, guide wire anchors for towers)

  • Installed using small machinery

  • Low impact on surround environment

  • Light and easily manuvered

  • Stainless or galvanised

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