Dredging and Marine Construction Specialists



Nabis Dredging (Nabis) is a dredging and marine contracting organisation, that has operated on the Sunshine Coast for 25 years.


Nabis has a background in civil construction, earthworks, building construction, project management and construction consulting.


Nabis performs maintenance dredging, marine construction, earthworks, and specialised dredging. Other areas of expertise lie in environmental dredging, removing emergent and floating weed from waterways using a weedcutter attachment to our 5012LP self propelled dredge and pumping mass to shore to special receival areas. Silts and sediment, plus biosolids and toxic residues can be removed ad dewatered using global technology and an unmanned, remote control mini dredge.



Nabis operates a fleet of floating plant comprising small and medium sized dredges, support vessels, barges and materials handling equipment, both water based and land based.



The small dredges are capable of shallow operations, in 0.5m deep ponds and the larger dredge is self propelled to a working depth of 6.1m, or cable controlled to 9.5m depth.



The smaller dredges are ideal for shallow sedimentation ponds or primary settlement ponds and the larger dredge will handle tailings dams or marine dredging tasks.



Most equipment is one-truck transportable, making mobilisation and de-mobilisation fast, effective and economical.


The company will operate anywhere in Australia or the Pacific, having completed projects in Papua New Guinea in 2013 and Lihir in 2017.



"Your Dredging problems form our Solutions"