Munna Point Groyne Construction - Stage 2

Nabis was awarded the 2nd stage of groyne construction at Munna Point.


In 2015 Nabis completed the construction of 3 groynes at Munna Point is stage 1. The intention was to monitor the sand movement around the gryones and the natural re-establishment of the beach. These investigations lead to the decision to complete a small re-make of groyne 3, and the addition of 4 additional groynes running at approximately right angles to the beach around the perimeter of Munna Point. The groynes each consisted of sand filled mattresses from 22 -26m in length, and 8 m in width, with 8 separate compartments in each mattress. The mattresses were overlain by a number of 2.5cm geotextile bags with a bottom row 2 wide, and a single top row above them. The mattresses and geofabric containers were hydraulically filled from the water using a 6/4 dredge.