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6/4 Dredge

Maintenance Dredging

Nabis was awarded the contract to maintain the Sunshine Coast Canal Estate’s condition utilising shoreline nourishment technologies.


The project involves dredging sediment material onto canal resident’s properties and creating an effective battered sand wall as an erosion control system.
















The project operates using 6/4 Cutter Suction Dredges and a Hydrocyclone device.

Other maintenance dredging projects required by SCRC include channel deepening and bulk sand production along the shoreline. For this work, Nabis utilisies an 8/6 Cutter Suction dredge allowing the client to achieve a time and cost-efficient foreshore renourishment solution.  













Location:                          Sunshine Coast, QLD

Client:                               Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Start Date:                       2004

Completion Date:           Ongoing


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8/6 Dredge
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