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Domestic Marine Construction & Installations

Nabis has an experienced marine construction crew capable of constructing various coastal structures domestically and commercially.



Nabis has the plant and equipment to provide demolitions of marine structures throughout the canal systems and difficult to reach locations utilising the Barge-Excavator Combo and the Nabis Piling Barge. Nabis have provided services to demolish revetment walls, timber jetties, existing pontoon piles, pontoons and gangways disposing of appropriately. 


Pontoon & Deck Installations:

Nabis has recently manufactured and commissioned a new piling barge for the installation and demolition of marine piles. Nabis is currently working alongside Superior Jetties as their piling and pontoon installations contractor in the Sunshine Coast Region. 


Nabis is capable of delivering high-quality, aesthetic deck installations. All construction stages are done in-house, from the cast in-situ piles & abutments to the coating of the deck. This is all possible with versatile machinery and the experienced Nabis construction crew. 


Revetment & Sea Walls:

Revetment walls along the canal systems are reaching the end of the intended design life. Consequently, revetment walls are deteriorating and starting to fail. Nabis is capable of restoring & repairing all types of revetment walls, whether it's concrete or rock. Utilising sheet piles, Nabis can work ongoingly below mean sea levels without interruption from tidal movements. As a result; demolition, forming and pouring a revetment wall can be done efficiently.





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