Bridge Barrier Fabrication, Repairs & Coatings



Bridges Coatings Completed: 

                                        - Mooloolah Island Bridge​ (July 2017)

                                        - Loch Lamerough Parade Bridge (August 2017)

                                        - Bundilla Bridge (November 2019)

Bridge Steel Fabrication Completed:

                                       - Henzell Bridge (March 2020)

                                       - Chevallum Road Bridge (March 2020)

WORK SCOPE (Coatings):

  • Removal of steel barriers from bridge & transport to Nabis workshop;

  • Repair work to steel substrate;

  • Preparation of substrate by means of abrasive blasting;

  • Application of a three-layer coating system;

  • Transport back to bridge & Reinstall;



WORK SCOPE (Fabrication of New Barriers):

  • Develop shop drawings;

  • Fabricate steel barriers at Nabis workshop;

  • Fabricated barriers galvanised;

  • Newly galvanised barriers installed onto the bridge with traffic control in place;

  • If sought after, Nabis also provides a coating process to coat over the galvanising for additional protection and aesthetic purposes.